Organic Chemistry Lab Multimedia

Welcome to the Organic Lab Multimedia Guide

This website contains video demonstrations for several of the experiments done in the Introductory Organic Laboratory Course. It is designed to help students visualize the experimental techniques as they are getting ready for their lab work.

students in orgo lab

You will benefit most from this multimedia guide if you are simultaneously watching the videos while writing down the procedure for your lab work. Remember that the video clips are provided to help you prepare for the real lab - they are not a substitute for doing hands-on work under supervision in the lab.

How to Use This Site

The main points of the lab procedure are on the left side of the pages and the related graphics and video are on the right side. You can also refer to the full text of the experiment procedure as described in your Lab Manual by clicking on the link under the title of the experiment. You will need  Adobe Reader to view the full text of the experiment procedures and other linked text files.

Please be sure to watch the lab safety video and read the precautions and lab regulations  before you start.

All videos may be accessed on our YouTube site.


September 2011: The videos for the NMR experiment and IR sample/kbr pellet preparation are now available.

Spring 2013 Lab Manual