About Us

Chemistry Department Mission Statement

Chemistry, the study of the formation and properties of molecules and materials, is central to the advancement of science and technology.

As a liberal arts college for women in New York City, Barnard has a special opportunity to promote the education of smart, intellectually curious, and highly motivated young individuals.

Within this context, the chemistry department’s mission is:

  1. To provide a complete chemical education through coursework, laboratory training, and research experience
  2. To develop scientific literacy among Barnard students through a vigorous study of chemistry and biochemistry
  3. To help students develop skills in critical thinking and analysis, written and oral communication, chemical literature, laboratory safety, and teamwork, which will prepare them for their future careers and roles as responsible contributors to their local, national, and global communities
  4. To support faculty and student research, which results in student coauthored, peer-reviewed scientific publications 


Chemistry Department Civility Statement

The Barnard Chemistry Department strives toward a civil department culture.  This environment most fundamentally requires clear and open communication among co-workers as the bedrock that supports respect and courtesy as department norms.  Civility also entails finding ways for members of the department to work as a cohesive group toward common goals that are established collaboratively and understood by all.  Our department also takes pride in making sure that each member capitalizes on his/her/their strengths and shines in their contribution to the department in particular and college as a whole.  Continuous efforts to build and maintain trust, and treat each other with respect, are necessary to maintain a civil departmental atmosphere.  It is particularly important that members of the department treat each other with consistency and fairness.  Providing mechanisms for professional development, including constructive feedback on both areas of strength and where improvement is desirable, will be a hallmark of a department operating in a civil manner.  To emphasize, our concept of “civility” goes far beyond good manners and is fully compatible with a department that encourages robust debate and is flexible and assured enough to cope with disagreement and conflict.


Chemistry Department Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The students, staff, and faculty of the Barnard College  Chemistry Department are committed to a community that values diversity and fosters inclusion and equity. We believe our best work is done in an atmosphere that welcomes diverse perspectives, cultures, backgrounds, and abilities.