Chemistry Fall Course Information

Fall Courses


2001x General Chemistry I Lectures (part of unified course) J. Magyar

Atoms; elements and compounds; gases; solutions; equilibrium; acid-base, precipitation, and oxidation-reduction reactions; thermochemistry. Laboratory experience with both qualitative and quantitative techniques.


2001x  General Chemistry I Laboratory (part of unified course) J. Magyar & J. Alexander


3231x Organic Chemistry II Lectures D. Merrer

Continued treatment of the topics of Organic Chemistry I with extensions and an introduction to biological compounds and bio-macromolecules.


3333x/3335x Modern Techniques of Organic Chemistry Laboratory M. Rao, J. Vadakkan & Staff

Introduction to qualitative and quantitative organic analysis and to advanced techniques, emphasizing instrumental and chromatographic methods. Selected reactions.


3253x Quantum Chemistry A. Crowther

Introduction to quantum chemistry. The structure of atoms and molecules. Energy levels and spectra.


3254x Methods and Applications in Physical Chemistry M. Buzzeo

Applications of thermodynamics to real systems; activities; electrochemistry. Transport properties.  Kinetic theory of gases. Radiochemistry. Solids and crystallography.


3365x Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I A. Crowther, S. Liu

Experiments in kinetics, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry using instrumental methods; preparation and characterization of inorganic compounds; solids; some computer applications.


3355x/3357x Biochemistry Laboratory Techniques K. Harris, S. Liu

Fundamental techniques used to isolate, characterize, and study nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Theory and application of buffers, spectrophotometry, cell fractionation, centrifugation, extraction, chromatographic separations, electrophoresis, radioactivity. Enzyme purification and kinetics. Chemical and enzymatic assays. NMR and MS structure determination.


3597x Problems in Chemistry Staff

Individual research projects at Barnard or Columbia.


3598x External Problems in Chemistry Staff

Individual research projects at other institutions.


3599x Problems in Chemistry Staff

Individual research projects at Barnard or Columbia.


3901x Senior Honors Thesis Seminar M. Buzzeo

Guided research in Chemistry or Biochemistry, under the sponsorship of a faculty member, leading to the senior thesis. Weekly seminar.